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Frequently asked questions

Check your substances

Find out if your medications and substances are permitted or prohibited in sport.

Check your substances

Asthma medications

Do I need a TUE for asthma medication?

Ventolin/ Asmol (Salbutamol)
Salbutamol is permitted in and out of competition in all sports when inhaled. No TUE is required.

However,  salbutamol is a “Threshold substance” which means its use is limited to 1600 micrograms per 24 hours or 16 puffs  (from a 100mg/puff inhaler) in a day.  If Salbutamol is required above this threshold, (as it may be for severe exacerbations or asthma emergency) AND if you are drug tested around this time then, a retroactive TUE should be applied for with support from physician.

Bricanyl (Terbutaline)
Terbutaline is prohibited both in and out of competition.  A valid TUE is required for its use.

Symbicort (Eformoterol and budesonide)
Eformoterol is permitted in and out of competition in all sports when inhaled, no TUE is required.

However, as it is a threshold substance its use is limited to 54 micrograms per 24 hours or 9  puffs (200/6mg inhaler) in a day.then If Eformoterol  is required above this threshold as it maybe for severe exacerbation or asthma emergency and if subjected to doping control, a retroactive TUE should be applied for with support from physician.

Budesonide is permitted in and out of competition in all sports when inhaled. No TUE is required.

Seretide (Salmeterol/Fluticasone), Alvesco (Ciclesonide), Pulmicort (Budesonide), Flixotide (Fluticasone), Atrovent (Ipratropium), Qvar (beclomethasoneAlvesco (Ciclesonide) are all permitted in and out of competition in ALL sports when used by inhalation – no TUE is required.

ASDMAC and ASADA recommends that you talk with your doctor before using any medication

Oral Prednisolone/Prednisone – are both  Prohibited In-Competition only. If you are taking this medication on a regular basis for a long period of time or if you need to use this medication during or  within 7 days of competition, then; you will require a TUE with supporting medical information to accompany the application.

Use of Asthma medication with Diuretics or other masking agents
If you are taking a diuretic (for which you will need a TUE) then The use of a Threshold substances such as Salbutamol andEformoterol with a Diuretics (or other masking agents) requires the deliverance of a specific TUE for that substance in addition to the one granted for the diuretic or other masking agent



Can you tell me the status of cold and flu medication?

Different cold and flu medications will have different ingredients, and some of these may be banned in sport.

PSEUDOEPHEDRINE is prohibited in-competition only.

Decongestant medications that contain PSEUDOEPHEDRINE must be ceased 24 hours prior to competition, providing you are taking the recommeded dosage on the packet.

Decongestant medications that contain PHENYLEPHRINE and CHLORPHENIRAMINE are permitted in sport.

Check your substances




Can you tell me the status of a supplement I'm taking?

ASDMAC is not in a position to provide information or advice to athletes about the status of supplements in sport.

ASDMAC can neither give advice to athletes about sports supplements, nor advice if they contain prohibited substances.

The contents of supplements can vary from batch to batch and may intentionally or unintentionally contain prohibited substances. Athletes who take supplements are, therefore, at risk of committing an inadvertent anti-doping rule violation.

There have been cases where both Australian and international athletes have been sanctioned after they have used supplements that they thought were okay, but which were actually contaminated with prohibited substances.



TUE process

Can I have my TUE approved before the weekend? I'm due to play...

Athletes must apply for a TUE 30 days prior to competition.

ASDMAC may consider a TUE application before a weekend competition, but this does not necessarily mean the athlete will be granted a TUE.


How long does it take to receive a decision on my TUE?

Providing all relevant supporting medical evidence is provided with the TUE application, ASDMAC have 30 days to consider a TUE and provide a decision from the time they receive the completed application.

If the TUE application form is incomplete (ie. no supporting medical information provided), it will be returned to the athlete.

ASDMAC will try to consider applications as quickly as possible and you may receive an answer in writing, within two weeks.


How do I know if I am granted a TUE?

ASDMAC provide their decision to the athlete in writing with a TUE Certificate. A copy of the certificate is provided to the athlete's treating physician and a copy is sent to the relevant national sporting organisation.


How long will my TUE be granted for?

The approval period for a TUE depends on the substance approved.

For example, a TUE for asthma medications is generally granted for four years while a TUE for prednisolone is usually granted for the prescribed period and at least a week or two from the completion of the medication (eg. four weeks).

Approvals for other prohibited substances are usually granted for one year.


Where do I send the completed TUE application form and supporting medical information?

  • Fax – +61 (0)2 6222 4262
  • Post – PO Box 1744, Fyshwick ACT 2609
  • Email –